Thomas H Casey
2106 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, VA.24053 phone. 434-528-0760
355 Powhatan Rd. Clarksville, VA. 23927 phone 434-374-2409

OBJECTIVE : To obtain challenging work in a manufacturing environment as a senior cad designer or master machinist attached to R&D. To produce or create efficient and accurate 2-D and 3-D drawings for multiple uses by marketing, shop, and production. To assist engineering with red lines and eco process. I can assist with employee safety training and documentation. Training for DFM (design for manufacture).

Value With recent degree in Business Marketing (summer 2014) I am comfortable in engineering, HR and manufacturing departments .Trained in power plant and printing press operations (US Navy). Successfully supervised the R&D model shop for Dynex Technologies and produced dozens of prototypes with refinements that resulted in many new products.

6 years Mechanical Engineer,.Duratek Industries, Lynchburg, VA.

3 years Senior Designer, Belvac, Lynchburg,VA.

9 years Marketing sales, new products, Dynex Technologies, Centerville, VA
Additional Experience
Aircraft Simulator Sperry and Lockheed Martin Centerville VA.
Power plant machinist tool design, Navy Yard, Washington, DC
Bureau of Printing and Engraving-Currency, stamp production

EDUCATION 10 years experience as Journeyman Machinist, cad designer.
8 years experience facilities Manager. CPR certified through 11-04.
Degree: Montgomery College 1982 Manufacturing Technologies.
Continuing Education in computer science and cad at CVCC 2009

AWARDS National Defense ribbon, good conduct, and Vietnam era service awards (US Navy). Quality Circle and Safety plaques (Sperry). 5 year outstanding service award (Dynex). Writer/producer award from National Public Television. 1600 Chess rating with USCF.

MILITARY: Honorable Discharge from United States Navy

  • Trained in boiler maintenance, pumps, valves and turbines
  • Machinist mate, familiar with all shop equipment
  • DD 214 and reference letters available.


Auto cad


Solid Works

R&D Design


Photo shop


Red Lines

Light wave


3-d Max

After effects


Macromedia flash